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Friday, September 16, 2011

155 : hanging the day.

Assalamualaikum everybody. well, i am currently at my father's office for some reasons. and ofcourse, i am very sorry to Elynna Suhaily and also Aiman Shazwan Hamdan for not attending you guys open house hari raya today. a little bit busy today, maybe. and i came across this wedding invitation card and i found it cute and very attractive because of its theme. very simple but nice. by the way, the bridegroom's name is muzammil and he was excited to know that. perasan betul. -,-


yesterday, i went to hana's house to attend her invitation open house. i met juli, lily, fata, paah and also the boys (too many of them). i chatted with amirul zafree the will-be-ketua aspura of SMT Gombak and okey, that was the most surprising me. by the way, congratulation, man. my time constrains me right now, so, i will update more later. insyaAllah. have a nice day, peeps.