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Saturday, April 7, 2012

172 : be tough, Qis.

Assalamualaikum people.
 i just came back from Seremban. well, myself got stranded in that school. such a sad thing, isn't it? ghost stuff happened widespreadly at sttj. shit betullah. just imagine this, along this week there must be atleast one student got possessed almost every day, and things end up with i keep on feeling scared with myself at every single time. and i just feel weird why the school can't understand what we are facing now. maybe they want one of us to die, then they will realize how important this case is. come on lah, even the cat got shivering, its stomach got severed, and we finally found it dead lah bro. can you guys think again about this thing? may Allah bless you lah ye.

life doesn't treat me that well these days. things are like stupid, so confusing and ofcourse so bad. haha. it is not that bad actually.but maybe i felt that way because i keep on losing things in many ways.oh ya Allah, give me strengthness. and em, i am thinking what is the meaning behind this statement "u start it, i end it" . i get enough of  this. it is okey. i know it is factually my fault. i don't know what should i do. we begin with arguments and we end up with arguments too, and yet we keep on arguing. i am sorry.

*the one that got away video insyaallah will be upload soon.