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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

179 : love from Jogja

it's me in the second day of blast in jogjakarta. :) at first i thought, it's going to be a boring vacation , but actually it is not. :)

this morning i had a bowl of scrumptious porridge with macaroni soup, well it was awesome delicious i swear. haha. just then, we straight away went to pasar beringharjo which was just neigghboring to our hotel. in that giant pasar, you could find any types of batik shoe, batik handbags or sarong at a very low price. :) in Malaysia, the cheapest jubah we could find maybe around RM80 and above. but in Indonesia, we could get it with only RM40. haha. how nice the people here, right?

it is currently 4.20 p.m (Malaysia time zone) which is 3.20 p.m (Indonesia time zone) . well, i just hope everything will be very fine in here and hoping that my father can do really well in his courses at universitas gadjah mada. 4 more days to go, insyaallah will come back to Malaysia with hands full of souvenirs <3

kat Indonesia, i can't send my twitter mobile. :(

to AH : you know what? i just miss this so much. haha <3