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Sunday, July 8, 2012

181 : a moment .

assalamualaikum people,
it has been quite long time i haven't update my little bloggie. yeah, terasa sangat malas sebenarnya. but actually the thing is that i havent been home for 1 month.  

it was such a meaningful moment to meet ibu and ayah for only 4 days. but i guess it's still something worth :) SPM trial is just around the corner and it is all about sacrifice matter. 

i woke up late this morning. which was just right after i heard a message from the handphone. 
there's something written in it that makes me smile. :D

last night i had phone call with AH , we talked about so many things. we laughed and mocked at each other like we used to. :) yet i told him to study hard and never give up. well, it was something like errr counseling session. i am quite worried about him but still managed to feel great to see his improvement in his studies before and after. 
all i've got to do is always supports him. not only him, but to the others too. :)

well i guess time's up. i have to pack my stuffs and get ready to go back again to my lovely hostel. it's time to study , people. take care..

love, myself