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Friday, July 20, 2012

183 : student' exchange to TiKL :)

Assalamualaikum eartlings,

I was so happy to be apart of student' exchange at Kuala Lumpur Technical Institution for almost a week. well, i bet it was a real fun. with the super awesome classmates, i could never forget about it :') hukhuk

first day was super terrible to me, i told you! everything seemed to be wrong and embarrassing me a lot. but i won't tell you. haha.

"leave the negative behind and take the positive", ayah told me . :)
i wasn't a top student either a super brilliant one, which actually i was not chosen to be apart of the student' exchange. i am just replacing my friend whome just couldn' make it.
the second day and on, i found the school and the people there were just so friendly and exciting. either student nor teacher , both of them welcomed us with open arms. :') i enjoyed the time when we had jokes during tuition, had asniza's birthday celebration and ofcourse when they were willingly talk to us. i won't forget every single thing.

burger - the one that appreciated me , she's like my own sister whome used to call me 'comel' (blushing) thank you for the little badge. i will keep that safely :')
key - the one that introduced the school to me, accompanied and talked to me . ahh, i love you.
shida - my partner in the class, thanks for lending me a lot of things. hihi.
mimi - the one who make jokes and laughed like crazy. awesome!
schaf - the very sempoi one. the one that speaks like london people. hehe.
nisa - one of my chemistry's group member. she's good at being gossipping with zack. haha. :D
ayra - the one with braces. she looked cute when she's sleeping. hehe
jaja - the first person greeted me. sweet gila minah ni. :)
asniza - birthday girl , she's a girl whome easily touched. i miss the moment at that night, do you remember?
mardyiah - very muslimah one, has a very soft voice .
ain - slumber girl i've met.
aqi - she's very outspoken yet so lovely :)
ratna, syahira, nabilah - the one that lighten up the classroom. so lovely :)
the boys - they are awesome and love to compete with the girls.

*they took all of my stuff . my keychain , my pin badge. it's okey. that's sweet. :)

i think thats all from me. in TiKL , i had so much fun ! it was a blast! i will miss the school, the hostel life and the classroom the most! i love you guys, you rock!

on the last day we spent together :'D

burger, one of them whome i'll miss a lot. TiKL best!