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Saturday, January 12, 2013

198 : small business. :)


Heart expression ,
Hello there! Nice to meet you. I know it’s kinda weird but I think maybe I was already in the zone of business. Somehow, I don’t know how can I end up with being a business minded person. You know what? I'm a business-type since I was small. Well maybe because I love to see money flows into my pocket. which is, through my own effort. You feel awestruck to see them!

And now, I have to admit how much I love my mum’s telekung. It was just so adorable. She sew it by herself ofcourse. gorgeous. kalau boleh nak semua tau. haha.

You can direct message me through twitter @balqisahz or through facebook ‘Ning Balqis Mohd Wazir’ IF you are interested in this. Don’t hesitate to contact me, I don’t eat human. I’m vegetarian. Hahaa.

okey, for this one is DENIM . with addition of lace on top. only RM80 .( SOLD OUT)

the telekung is ready to be deliver to the customer :)

and this one, the first version ever exist, black colour. also available in light grey and brown. dulu duduk TTJ, balqis pakai ni. boleh tahan ramai yang interested.

yang hitam ni boleh pilih kat kepala tu nak ada corak macam ni. OR nak yang denim. RM50
yang ini light grey. belum dijahit lagi. bila dah ada yang order, baru dijahit. :)
thank you for reading . have a nice day . i love you :)