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Saturday, July 30, 2011

146 : Y O U !

when the issue comes about him, i am speechless because he is amazing just the way he is. :) i am getting fatter, amirul hafeez. so, be ready to face my fatness. haha. :)

what i think interesting about him are,
first, this man always understands me. but sometimes tu, tak jugak. haha.
second, this man loves to sleep early. so, it's easier for me to do works at night. haha. (konon)
third, this man loves to bring air kotak to school from standard 4 until form 4. cute right? girls pun tak buat macam tu. haha.
and fourth, this man is too shy to face a girl, even when with me. i think so. tapi dia ni kuat sakat orang dohh,

it is almost more than a month we hadn't meet. that's why i write this post special for you. :)