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Saturday, August 20, 2011

147: peace day, good !

Assalamualaikum to muslimin and muslimat. people, do enjoy your fasting today because we should know Allah always give His bless to us when we always do something just for him. :) generally, my story today is just a common story that we used to hear everyday in our life. meeting our friends, the delay of train's journey and all sort of the things. yesterday was not that good. i mean, it was very tiring. i were rushed to the ktm station. took a bus in a hot weather out there, running like crazy to catch the train and sat in the train in sweating condition. amazingly, i reached rawang and i saw kish and paah. at first, i were only saw paah and shouted her name. but, she looked at me and doing nothing. i were ashamed because maybe she is wrong person. unsatisfiedly, i again went to find her, but i did not saw her. but when i turned back, i saw kish and i told you, it was really them.! we had some hugs. so sweet, right? haha. and blablablabla....

the story continues..
the night on that day, i went to mosque to perform my isya' and terawih. between the terawih, there was a ceramah and i started to feel sleepy. and I WAS SLEEPING. as soon as i woke up, i saw the muslimin and the muslimat were continue performed the terawih. i were so embarrased plus dizzy plus sleepy. that was so suck, okey. i went out the mosque early and wait for the others including my father to done the witir. and again, i couldn't say a word when i saw shahratul. she was screaming when we met. she hugged me and tweaked my cheek. she was so happy, and me too. :)

and today, my mom told me to wake up early because ayah is going to take his flight ticket. i were just follow her order. we went to low yat too, and my parents bought for me a new samsung corby II which is in pink colour. i were so happy and so speechless. i think this present is for my incoming birthday. thank you mum and dad. and also i am grateful to my sister because she is willing to accompany me and choose the handphone for me. i don't care, samsung pun samsung lah. as long as i can use it, it is enough for me. :)