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Sunday, August 28, 2011

148: balik kampung

Assalamualaikum muslimin and muslimat. thanks for being so loyal for visiting my blogspot. Alhamdulillah, i am currently reached safely at my village, segamat johor. and this is my first pit stop of celebrating eid for this year before we go to another one village which is in kuala kangsar perak. like i always did, today i am going to tell stories about what had happened from friday, the day i went back home until today, sunday. :)

on friday,
my school had a ceremony of khatam al-quran and as usual, i were definitely felt so sleepy every morning. while waiting for the students and teachers to complete their reciting of juzu' 30, i were taking the opportunity to have just a short nap. just a nap, okey? and it doesn't a big deal, right? and for your information, i were taking part in hafazan. 5 super great competitor and i am very greatful that i won for the second place. and the prizes are a certificate, duit raya and also kuih raya. Ustazah Wangi had helped me a lot. and because of the competition too, we had the chance to know and be closed to each other. thank you teacher, you had been so nice to me. :) after the ceremony was ended, it is time to go back home. and Encik Nzryshah told us that school gave transportation to Bangi, Kajang, KL Sentral and Bahau for us as a gift for hari raya. i took the ticket bus to KL Sentral which was fully organized by the school. i reached KL Sentral and i were lost there and i had to call my parents to ask for help. i were safely bought the ticket for taking the train straight to Rawang and i met these Koreans whome asked for a help too to go to Batu Caves. haha. it is so funny. but at the end of the day, i managed to reach home safely. :D

on Saturday,
in the morning, my sister drove us to bank. i had to withdraw some money because my pocket is running out a lot of money. i went there and i met Kak Liza, my senior. but the situation in the bank is not that harmony as there were mouth fighting between a rich couple and an ordinary citizen. and guess what? i am definitely agree with that ordinary citizen.
while in the evening, the whole family spent our time at tesco rawang because KL was ofcourse supposed to have a heavy and bad traffic. so, we rathered not to go there. i bought note books, and those were very expensive and i hate them. and onwards, i went to bazaar and i saw Ustazah Latifah, Hana Azali, Paan, my cousins and Aiman Zahiran. Aiman, i have to tell you that i love your braces so much. i am insanely jealous of your brace face. when will it be my turn?

and today, let pictures tell the stories. :)