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Monday, December 19, 2011

163 : christmas soon.

i am lucky to have you. :)

today is the opening day for jaya jusco Rawang. luckily it is just near my house. i thought it would be such a boring window shopping. i joined my aunt and brought along my brother, Muhammad. but, it was such exhausting day that i had to take care of him and my little cousin all by myself. they are very annoying and can't even sit quietly. somehow, they were suddenly disappeared while i surveying the items. but, i appreciate them for accompany me. i went to Daiso to buy school items , bought 2 bottles of shower gel from Body Shop. and i guess the price offered today was a real inexpensive. that's why i enjoyed shopping but still, i have to save up my money for more goods on the christmas soon. hehe. i had a phone call from my lovely Fatasya Izliana and i told her to join me. so, she came over and we had our lunch at secret recipe. omg, damn expensive you know. i should just eat at the subway, it cost much more lower. Shahira and Fatyn joined us too. but they preferred to survey items in Daiso first. oh ya, i were interviewed by harian metro's reporter about the opening of the new Jaya Jusco. and the photographer took my photos. hehe. soon, my face will appear in newspaper. hopefully i look pretty in the picture. haha. that's all for today. do come to Jusco Rawang. bbye :D