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Sunday, August 5, 2012

186 : luahan .

Assalamualaikum earthlings.
how are you? i'm fine here. by the way, i'm getting lazier from facing myself with books. haha. 
well, i am supposed to get back to hostel by today. but i just couldn't make it for some reasons. yesterday was super awesome. i went back with 6 of my friends and i stopped  at mid valley. i couldn't believe and wouldn't forget about it. :')

i can't deny that i still miss the people in KL. all of them ofcourse. they are going to face their trial papers by tomorrow. i wish you the best of luck. do the best and beat the rest. :)

i have nothing to say but just a HELLO . pray for my best okey . amin. :*

and ofcourse to the best stalker i've ever had (AH) belajar elok-elok ye. jangan main-main. dengar cakap ibu ayah tu. 2 tahun dah, takkan la nak malu-malu dengan kita. haha. and lastly, thanks a lot for everything and wo ai ni . hihi :3 ingat lagi tak baju ni? haih, kebetulan pulak tadi tengok kungfu panda. haha. :D