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Saturday, December 8, 2012

191 : hello and goodbye.

assalamualaikum people,
alhamdulillah, i'm really greatful for still being alive till today. Allah is powerful , the most precious and merciful :) well, today is sunday and is the third day i'm in Rawang. yeah, it's a good feeling to have both my parents at home , the sisters and brothers keep me entertained all the time. but , i still miss the moments i had with my friends in Seremban. for god sake, i miss them a lot! the only thing i could do know is always pray the best for you guys. that's it! hehe.

haha, well as what you can see above, i'm totally fine.
i was in the popular bookshop this morning, when suddenly my phone rang and AH name appeared on the screen. i knew hafeez worked there for almost a week, i mean at the cafe, but i didn't plan to meet him since he was totally busy. and so, we met after that in the bookshop and talked about hair, food, fat and any other nonsense things. haha. he went back again for work after that.

and so, the drinks at the cafe is like hell expensive. and even just a milo cost that expensive much. but that would be the first and the last, because hafeez maked it by himself just for me. KEMBANG. haha.

Ning Balqis Mohd Wazir‎"You come to love not finding the perfect person, but by learning to see an imperfect person perfectly." -Amirul Hafeez
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at the end of our conversation, i asked him when was the first time we met. he replied it was 2 years ago on april 12th 2010 , during bahasa and geography class . i was startled and smiled the whole time.

btw, thank you awak, jangan stress-stress kerja tau . ILY .