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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

190 : long time no see.

assalamualaikum people ,
as time passed , i felt that i love all the people around me even more and more. hehe. i was just back from seremban and damn man, it was a tiring journey. but having aliaa together, make it better. :) sorry people, it has been two months since the last time i did update my blog. you know, exam matters are still unsettle. 3 more subjects to go, insyaallah i'll work harder on it. i don't know what had happened to my little blog. the pictures are all blank and the video didn't function at all. ohh man, please don't tell me that you are sulking.! haha.
nevermind okey, . i've got to go to rest my mind. rasa macam nak berenang pun ada. cakap pasal berenang, teringat kat seseorang. haha. okey byee.
some photos :)

love, balqis wazir :)