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Monday, December 31, 2012

195 : psssst.

my phone was flooded with messages from BAC and so on. while MSU invited me for education experience tour this January 3rd. but i don't know whether i should attend it or not. since i have nothing to do at home, i keep on thinking of which course i should take. from architecture, i changed it to TESL and after that business management. 
December 24th, here we came to Melaka.
in my view generally, Melaka is another captivating city apart of Rawang, my current habitat. i could see the evolution of art and architecture by observing the various elements that transformed-from ancient art and architecture to modern art and current architectural designs. honestly, i was amazed by the splendour and magnificence of its building and their rich history. :D 

it was a kind of family gathering after for such a long time we did not gather. it was a pleasant to meet again my cousins and all . 

notes, with all red roses in my arms and loves from the bottom of my heart, i would like to wish Happy Birthday to my lovely grandmother, Opah Zawiyah. and also to both my little brothers, Muhammad and Muzammil. and for the future, my jannah, Mohd Wazir :) may Allah bless you and i hope all of you live to the fullest. Amin. :*
pictures in Malacca ;

AH said ; there's nothing wrong of being fat like Balqis. haha.

we were awestruck by Muhammad's jokes.

we are only half of Opah's grandchildren.

Opah and WazirLeza's little girls :)

isn't it cute? haha.

with my eldest sister, Yong Sofea :)

but still, i am taller and cuter than her. :P

Abdul Hadi, my cousin. we used to do things together during our childhood. :) 

Hazirah Wazir, my little lullaby. :)

tadaaa ! the first cake for Opah Zawiyah. happy birthday, my beloved nenek. 

tadaaa ! this one is muhammad's cake. 

the family members were getting excited to start singing.

26th December, happy birthday Muhammad Wazir . may Allah bless you .

someone was awoken from sleeping, i guess.

Opah, a very soft-hearted person. she is easily touched. ILY :')

we can't deny how strong our love towards our mum. it is definitely inseparable .


yeaahhh, for three days in a row, i felt glad to meet AH. eventhough it was just a visit, but that made me felt a bit relieved. i hope he will do fine in his days. and to all my friends no matter where you are, i hope you will always in pink of health. do IM me, i'm waiting for you !