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Saturday, January 5, 2013

196 : reminiscing the old days.


the sun shone persistently on my still-shut eyelids. annoyed, i rolled on to the right side of the bed. wondering about the time, i stretched to grab the little alarm clock on the bed side table. ohh, it's only 8, and i'm already awaken? i jumped off the bed and whizzed to the toilet. sometimes i just lie on the bed again, and recall the moments i witnessed a day before, a month before and even a year before. it was totally wrong to say time passed so slow. imagine how fast it is as it's already 6th January 2013.

 i just owned my L license, and currently waiting for my first driving class which is on tuesday. i'm not that excited actually until i really finish them all and pass the jpj test. it won't be that easy, i'm shivering with cold sweat! haha. finally, some of my friends had already went for their PLKN, which nonetheless i hope they will be fine and enjoy their days there. somehow, i feel grateful for not being chosen to participate PLKN. it doesn't matter much to me. i mean kalau dapat pun okey, tak dapat lagi la bagus.

i had been blogwalking through some of my friends site who are masterful in English. i was awestruck by their vocabularies, grammar and all. they are totally flabbergast and at the same time they inspired me a lot. i love the word omnipotent which means maha kaya .


something i would never ever forget. thank you friends :)
had breakfast early in the morning just to make sure i managed to finish my reading.
telekung yang paling aku sayang, from mummy. tapi sayangnya, tercicirrrrr. ;'(
(telekung) so, this is the new one. not mine. tapi mummy yang jahit sendiri dan jual. available in black, grey and brown .
telekung. interested? do contact. tapi stock lama-lama semua dah sold out.
barang asrama dah susun, bilik pun dah cantik apa semua. barula semangat nak tidoooo. :*

by just looking at his smile, i wonderstruck. to Encik Wazir, i love you daddy :*

something with love :)

with my little sister, nur dinie wazir. 
yo, wassup? daddy, jom pergi jalan-jalan.
the number one superhero in my heart. HAPPY BIRTHDAY DADDY. I LOVE YOU.
love, balqis wazir