balqis binti mohd wazir , IIUM , bachelor of science (architectural studies) honour .

Thursday, February 7, 2013

208 : happy birthday, eonni :D

today , friday , 8 February 2013 .
ever since i was born into this world, i only knew 7 important person in my life. my mum, dad and these 5 weird creatures who i dub as sisters and brothers. Yong Sofea is the eldest and today as Allah's permission she's already 21. arguing is something normal. very normal i mean. sometimes, we even pull each other's hair just because of something stupid. but the best part is, we share stories. sad stories, happy stories. this is all about sharing. so i guess you can see the power of having sisters and brothers, right? :) in conjunction with your birthday, i would like to tell you how much important you are to me. the role you are playing now, makes me feel awestruck about you. well, you care a lot about us and even worries a lot. i can see wrinkles there! haha. come home soon, sister. we miss you badly. :*

xoxo, balqiswazir.