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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

210 : rilkes cool come on :D

Assalamualaikum people,
Alhamdulillah , i still be able to breathe the air this morning. thank you my Lord, Allah :D

i shall be thinking , what should i do today since i'm having my day off from working. yess, rasa macam nak terbang je. last night i had my conversation with my lovely Mahdy, Tasha, Nik, Azril and Anisfendi. yeah, it was so long yet funny. when people make jokes or something that makes you laugh, all the troubles and problems will fade away easily. so, that's what i do. hihi. it's not that i'm finding them when i was sad, in troubles or what. it's just that friends always keep us comfortable anytime anywhere.

two days ago, i had migraine headache. and it was totally suck. well, i dont mind if this shit happen at home, but it happened during my work time. so many people cared about me. and for sure, i won't forget their help. :) i was in the morning shift that day, while doing my report, everything blank, and i was just sitting in the surau all day long that evening. vomited some pasta that i ate, it was freaking disgusting. haha. :D right then i went home without telling Azmie, my best buddy. he was so caring that he helped me with my report and when i was already at home, he sent something that would be so heartwarming to read. thank you. May Allah bless you. :) Aunty and Noi helped me too with my report, and they worried a lot. haha. nampak tak tanda sayang kat situ. :)

last night was awesome, together with Ayah. he maked jokes that i would never forget. sumpah kelakar. love you mummy daddy :*