balqis binti mohd wazir , IIUM , bachelor of science (architectural studies) honour .

Thursday, February 21, 2013

213 : with every breath i take.

every single morning, i did the same routine. watch the kids going to school, have breakfast, watch usrah, online, then sleep again. tehee, thank god aku kerja, atleast i have something to do. yeay, i just cut down my weight again. Alhamdulillah, maybe i should just proceed with this job so that more and more fats will be burn. :)

haih, eventhough i'm happy with what i'm doing, i just felt a bit sad there. not a bit, but a lot okey. qis, you have to accept this fate okey. maybe there's something better is waiting for me in the future. because, yang terbaik itu selalunya lambat. i remember those words. what about, u start it, i end it? it seems familiar, right? i wish we could talk once again. just once....