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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

219 : cause it doesn't sound the same.

getting ready for another swimming class.
during our journey from JB. tayar pecah, big mistake.

tuesday , 12th March , 11:03 pm .
i took my day off from working. it's time for me to clean up the room since my second sister was already home . i'm so sorry my dear room. my schedule for today is always the same. wake up for Subuh , then i went back for another nightmare. haha. actually i was intend to not having my off day today. it was just i felt dizzy and so sleepy that i realized it was already 9 am when i was awake. so i texted my supervisor and told him what happened, he called me then and he allowed me to rest. so i slept till 10 , and get prepared for breakfast at 12. well, like what i used to do, bila hari cuti je, aku mesti pergi Aeon for some window shopping. tapi hari ni lain orangnya. aku pergi dengan beloved sister , Hazirah :D okey, i'm freaking miss her so much :* so we bought a lot of pillows. well, since i was working there, i just love myself being at the bedding and interior section. rasa macam syurga sangat. bantal tulang anjing tu, oh goshh kiut sangat. i bought that for someone, and Angah bought about 10 pillows i guess. comel-comel semua :)

gambar bread tu saja nak bagitau, aku suka sangat that 'Seafood Mayo Bun' . so aku kebas semua roti tu and bagi kat kawan-kawan sekerja. yela, kerja mesti la lapar. takpa, hari ni rezeki depa. lagipun memang kalau rehat petang, i used to go to Baker's Cottage to buy that bun. yummy yummy serious sedap (y) you should try. roti ni sangat recommended. HAHA LAWAK. 

Angah sibuk juling mata shopping, so i went out awhile to pick up my both brother and sister for tuition. and then aku jemput balik Angah and we're finally home. kereta sangat penuh dengan bantal. like oh my god, i can't see the car at the back. kelakar gila kereta naik divider. malu seyyh. haha.
It was pleasent that ayah came home early today. memang 6.30 petang adalah masa untuk misi menjemput adik-adik balik sekolah. mula-mula aku drop ayah kat sekolah untuk dia jemput Muzammil, the youngest brother. then jemput Muhammad , then Nur Dinie. so the car was packed with 6 of us. haha.
there's something i realized about it, i just love them even more know. :) which is Alhamdulillahh..

# i can never clean up the mess that i made. i was wrong. i know it. the words that i whispered to you in the small chatbox was very rude. but truly, i don't mean it. cause yes, i still love you . being silent doesn't mean i don't know what's happened around. i know. i know it in detail. i'm reflecting and recheck my own mistakes. it was good to know you're there to say hi. but, this doesn't sound the same, sayang. i'm afraid if i might hurt her's. you can chase one heart and hurt the another. cause you cannot chase both of them. it's okey. i understand you. it's okey, i don't take it hurt cause i know you have your own life. and you have made the right choice. for your happiness. i'm proud of you. i just hope to see you achieve lot more success. but, you know what? for the time being, you've inspired me a lot. thank you so much. what's the best for you, is the best for her. my pray for you never stop. may you live your life to the fullest. in-sha-Allah :')