balqis binti mohd wazir , IIUM , bachelor of science (architectural studies) honour .

Monday, March 11, 2013

218 : tell me the truth.

 i started to forget about things had happened to me a month ago. well, when i think too much about it, it just hurt so much. so painful. i'm sorry. i don't mean it. maybe it's time for me to forget you. you know that. apa yang tak diberitahu itulah yang paling menyakitkan. i just don't understand. habis madu sepah dibuang? rileks qis. rileks. taip slow sikit. semua salah aku . salah aku. ye, salah aku. aku yang salah. aku yang salah. ni semua salah aku. ye, aku yang patut dipersalahkan. Astaghfirullahalazim. it's too late to get you back, cause you choose this way.. may you live happily ever after. Aminnn. akhir kata, MAAFKAN SAYA.


*i should have write something. but suddenly i'm not in the mood.