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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

217 : girls just wanna have fun :*

dear girls, i love you :* muah muah .

Edzra Mahaddy , the man with moustache and smile all the time :)

Assalamualaikum as opening . :)
today was a fairy tale. working is now, a part of my life. my family used to underestimate me that they told me i couldn't hold longer with this job. but i proved them wrong. it's been a month, and all i could say is, this job was completely fun. i have partners . i have noi, putri, hany, aunty, kak raje, kak thippa, aida, wahida, ain, aidil, syafiq and amirul. they always keep me entertain. that's one reason why i'm happy with my job although some other jobs were offered to me. 

Natasya and Fatasha . you make the world a better place to be.
we were destined to meet again today. i think , almost everyday i meet them. but i never feel satisfied. i don't know why. maybe because they mean a lot to me? Alhamdulillah. :) today as what i wish, i had a date. yess, a date with Fatasya, Hana, Edzra, Yana, Lisa, Kish and Farrah. okey, rasanya masa berjalan sangat laju. but still praise to Allah i meet them. macam tak sangka pulak dapat jumpa Lisa, because the last time we met was at Seremban during our tourism programme :D we watched 'dark skies' . i think the movie was quite awesome. it's just that the sound effect was a lot more terrifying, than their own actions. there's a part when the alien appeared on the screen out of the blue that force me to shout. okey, that was quite embarassing. but lisa did too, so we laughed at each other then. hahah :) while Edzra kept on saying 'pengecut' to me. to be true, i'm not ! they're just an alien. haha :D we were freezing and deadly hungry then. so, we had our dinner at bistro. right after that, i sent them home :D

bila aku shift morning, balik tu wajib jumpa Yana dulu and then lepak dengan Edzra, my bestfriend pulak. dia ni memang banyak sangat bercerita. hal politiklah, unisel lah, CIK TEMAH la. almost everyday. pagi pergi unisel, petang balik ajak makan wendys, lepas tu dia hantar balik rumah. well, that's fine. nak survey barang pun ajak dia. he's quite hilarious okey. btw, thank you so much :) harapnya, fatimah and you will unite one day. insyaallah :D

hari ni pakai fragrance yang fatasya belikan :D
i went to sleep with this boy. goodnight my little Chicharito :*