balqis binti mohd wazir , IIUM , bachelor of science (architectural studies) honour .

Friday, March 1, 2013

216 : the gorgeousity of March is already here.

my day was still as beautiful as before. my boyfriend named February had passed by yesterday. i don't really mind that. but my new boyfriend named March was already here. i don't know whether March will bring a lot more happiness or sadness as the results announcement is just around the corner. my armpit is shivering while the smell of Nivea Fresh deodorant is spreading widely. kih kih. i will be working for another 1 month, and haven't decided when should i resign. a lot of things i would be thinking of if i keep myself stuck in the house. i mean, i don't know what else should i do besides doing house chores, eating and sleeping. the salary there is not that bad. i could earn thousands in a month. that's a lot okey. i mean, at this age, that is a lot.

i was chatting with someone at my counter when suddenly Tasha came with her sad face and tears all over her eyes. i rushed and put her in my arms. that was the first time i saw her crying. i thought she had a heart break. but my expectation was wrong as the truth was she lost her handphone. someone stole her phone. that was cruel enough, i say. then i calmed her down and told to meet her at 6.30. so, we met, chatted and cried. but then we managed to laugh again. i just want her to be fine all the time. i accompanied her until 8.30 , then i went home. i know she will be fine and smile again :)