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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

215 : learning to describe.

the mind is omnipotent. ohh, i steal this phrase from someone i love. yeah, she's so good. :)

i was just being at home the whole day. i do really mean it. from morning till night. i didn't feel like going out. i just thinking about sleeping all the time. and yes i did. i wake up this morning like everyday and sent my love one to the workplace. well, i get a break today and so i appreciate it by spending my precious time with ibu. only two of us. sweet , bukan? :)

i was spending some time with my very old friend. he's not that old, but he's just a few years older than me. a nice one. yess, he keep on advicing me a lot about life. orangnya pun dah ada girlfriend. and they both are so sweet. :) don't worry, we've been friends since i was 13. and i know he's a kind one. the good is, he's listening. yea, listening to my stories like hafeez used to do. haiihhh :')

nevermind. i shall be sleeping now. it's already 2:19 in the morning. bye bye :D