balqis binti mohd wazir , IIUM , bachelor of science (architectural studies) honour .

Monday, March 18, 2013

221 : semak.

i was drop dead tired. i feel like i should resign as soon as possible. now i could feel how tiring it was. okey.

yesterday, i was like dying. i felt uneasy yet so frustrated. semuanya sebab alasan bodoh aku. aku ngantok gila nak pergi kerja. sangat selekeh okey. datang kerja je dah berjurai haa air mata and and, i slammed my phone on the floor for three times. sebab rasa nak mencarut sangat pakai phone yang dah nazak tu. i cannot cool down okey at that time. dengan panasnya, dengan lambatnya, dengan kena marahnya. suweeei betul. rasanya sekarang ni macam dah banyak mencarut. haha lawakk. mana kau belajar ni, balqis wazir.?

through the days i had been through, a lot of happiness and sadness i witnessed. trying not to say what my heart said was always true, but to know the real was the best. i have friends. and it was different. friends that i mean is someone who is much older than me. and we're in different races. one of them is Susi Menaga. and she's currently pregnant the second child. well, i didn't expect we would share lots of stories about our life. she told her's and i told mine. the best part when she told me how much she appreciate her mum after she had married with a guy. they're not living in poverty. but, it's just a little bit of hardship, you know. they earn for living. they want to survive, so this is the best way. but to see how she's going through this and that, it was just let out my tears. i couldn't bear this heart anymore. and also i have aunt Kaverey . this woman is a strong-hearted one. she's like my mum, cause she loves to cheer me up everytime i feel sad. and also, sis Rajes. seriously, dia macam kakak aku. always there for me. :)

and today, i went out early in the morning to pay some bills and went straight away to work. seriously aku sangat penat. serious lah. haihh. bosan dengan ini semua. aku nak berhanti segera. nak tidur . nak mimpi itu ini. nak duduk celah ketiak ibu ayah. :)

berdebar sangat nak ambil result. takpelah kalau hati aku terluka. tapi tolonglah bukan hati ibu ayah aku. inshaallah :')