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Saturday, December 31, 2011

165 : happy new year.

(via BB, low quality of picture)
my sister told me "what a bad combination". and i replied " this is cool la, minah"
don't be fooled, my nenek is also a shoppaholic. she can walks 24 hours nonstop. :)

in the semua house, my favourite place to find hijabs <3
the baju kurungs yang sangat lah comel. :)

this is my siblings. errr =='

at this time, i could feel my legs need some rest. haha.

in font of the lowyat. i love christmas tree. 

AH, meet my gandmother, Yam Binti Jamat. :)

finally it is time to go home. :))

my whole body is in real pain especially my legs. ahaa. it's a natural phenomenon happens to a shoppaholic like me. unless if i wear the scholl comfort. haha. i attend fatasya's brother's wedding today. and so, i went there because i am really aegerly to get married. haha. main-main je, orang tu jangan terkejut pulak. haha. actually i have a high craving to eat nasi minyak. yeah, since i stayed in hostel, a lot of things at home i had missed. but, Allah gives me a super wonderful friends in STTJ. Alhamdulillah only Allah, who knows the best for His slaves. :) . my second motive is to meet my friend. Alhamdulillah, in the festive of the ceremony, i met Elynna Suhaily, Aiman Shazwan, Kish Khairrazi. and ofcourse some newbies to me whome are Aina Fadila with her sister Alia , Cikgu Kalsom with her daughter Sharifah Bella (i guess that's her name, haha). 

it's Saturday girls, and it's the end of the year and there comes SALE! this situation happened in car . everyone arguing to each other on where are we going to. suddenly a loud spirit voice came out from my Atok, "jalan tar". and everyone fall silent and reached the consensus. yeah, nasib sogo dekat. sogo kalau time sale kan best. sebab dia punya discount memang gila bagus gua cakap sama lu. haha.

we went to Sogo , then Jalan Tar. at night we went to Low yat. Masyaallah, KL was flooded up by people and amazingly from morning until late night, the road is not congested. Alhamdulillah, one of the best moment of shopping. :) in the low yat center, i bought an mp3 at Sony Center, one of my favourite place too. hehe. my second dreamlist in my own handmade dreamboard had achieved. weehee.

and yes, i thanked by parents so much for the precious time that we spent together. not just in shopping hour, but the whole hour. i love you mum and dad. that's all for today. :) btw, happy new year, peeps. for 95's batch, goodluck in SPM.! :D

# balik Seremban 3 Januari ni. :)