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Sunday, January 1, 2012

166 : a speech for you. :)

what a fine day, people. besides continuing my homeworks since i am going back to Seremban tomorrow, i take this opportunity to make a speech :D

to my most gorgeous mum,
i love you so much. i knew i had troubling you along this holiday. that's why i seek for your apologize. but i knew, i had helped you a lot in house chores, right? do thank me. hehe. main-main je. second thing is thank you for sewing me a lot of hijabs. you are such a great tailor. hehe. i don't even need to buy any hijabs anymore. unless if i need a tudung bawal. :) thank you for supporting me all this while. thank you, i love you, that's all i'm gonna say. :*

to my most handsome father,
thank you for such a great holiday. i know one month isn't enough for the family to spend time with. but, that's always how life treats us, treats everybody. :D in SMTTJ, i will try my best to achieve what i want in order to be apart of your ambition that you hold now. you always support me wherever i am, whatever condition i had to face. so yeah, you are the greatest guy i had ever met. mum is lucky to have you. here, i want you to take care of mum, reduce smoking and work perfectly. last but not least, i love you. :*

to my beautiful siblings,
special dedication to Yong Sofea, Hazirah, Nur Dini, Muhammad and Muzammil. :)
as a sister to all of you, of course i care about you guys. no matter how cruel i had scold you, no matter how bad my mouth is and no matter how annoying am i, i still love you guys, trust me. that's a normal thing, right? i want you guys to study study hard, make dreams come true and make our parents proud of us. be a real human. :) brothers and sisters, i am proud of you too. and, i love you. :*

to my friends especially 95's batch,
thank you for being supportive all this while. without you guys, i think i would never be a real achiever. and, i would never know the meaning of true friends. i love you guys so much. SPM, we will go through this phase, right? so, goodluck. :) i knew the examinations wouldn't be that hard if we learn by sincere and full of determination. 10A+ okey? Amin. :*

to my special friend AH,
you were there for me whenever i felt needed. when my parents are there, you were there too. you sacrificed a lot. i can see it. eventhough i had troubling you like so many times, you seems like don't have problems with it. like you had used to it. you teached me a lot about life and so on. and the most thing is, you promised me to wait for me until the SPM is over. that is truly nice :*

‎"You come to love not finding the perfect person, but by learning to see an imperfect person perfectly." -Amirul Hafeez

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thank you for waking me up this morning, thank you for coming to house and give me this. everytime i am going back to Seremban, there's always a gift for me. thank you AH. :)

collections from you before this. :)

a gift of returning to the hostel

the name is sticking together. thank you AH  :')