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Saturday, September 1, 2012

188 : to my sister :)

ning balqis 10A+

it's time to say bye bye to you. i love you. goodluck kat UTM JB okey ? :* 

special dedicated to my sister, Hazirah Wazir . <3 div="div">

dear my sister, i know it's kinda sad. you've been crying at all time lately. and for sure, deep in my heart, i don't have a heart too, to let you live and studying far away from me, from us. you are the most caring sister , cheerful and a good listener ofcourse , i've ever had. but you have to think , this is all about your future, what do you want to be, what ayah want you to be, and what do us want you to be. it doesn't matter if you succeed or not, but, we've know you've try your best and you be a 'people' , a good daughter what matter the most. :) 
i love you my sister. Land surveyor, who doesn't want to be that? okey, aku tak lah. nak jadi architect one day. amin. haha. it's okey. Allah is always there for you. remember Allah, everything will be fine insyaallah. :) if you need anything, just let us know okey. take good care of yourself, study smart and don't forget to non-stop pray to Allah. the best of luck, my sister! :*