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Thursday, March 21, 2013

223 : praise to Allah.

syakirah hanafi :*

they are my little awesome juniors :)

raihana rahim, such a lovely sister.

aliaa mohd.

bestfriends :)

Assalamualaikum people and dear lovers,
i closed my eyes and i can see a better day. i keep on closing my eyes with disbelief with what i got. Ya Allah. i'm so speechless yet very greatful. Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah :)

i slept at 4 and was awake at 7 . getting myself prepared and we headed off to my second home in Seremban. i'm totally nervous. in trying to reduce those butterflies in this beauty belly stomach, we (mum ,dad and myself) had our breakfast first in kuala lumpur. i was repeating the same word to my parents. "i'm so sorry if i let you down. i'm sorry if my result is not good enough" . and they told me each time that " whatever it is, you've had done your best. it's time to tawakal and don't feel so down if you don't achieve your expectation " . well, they maked me feel better and better until i reached the school gates. i was about to vomit out those nasi lemak i just ate this morning. haha XD

i met my girlfriends and boyfriends. some have had changed physically. but many of them maintain the same, which is good actually. :) something worried me when some of my friends came and told me about their results via text. i started to struggle with this tension and scared feelings. and was about to cry.
we were instructed to gather at the hall. i was sitting at the back , so far away i guess. and the announcement was started with those for straight A's . and i was thinking it's going to be impossible for me to get either for 10A's, 9A's or 8A's . so, five of them got straight A's. congratulation to you guys, especially for my classmates Amirul Firdaus and Aidyl Zaid. korang memang awesome (y) and then when names by names was being called, i started to cry. fetched my phone inside the bag, i texted mum and dad who sit just few chairs next to me. the text was written this way " sorry ibu ayah kalau aqish tak dapat good result " tup tup, right after that my name was called, and i rolled my eyes with such a disbelief. ALHAMDULILLAH. i took my mum to the stage. dad cam afterwards and yes i was crying when i hold the slip. terrific. 

everything went well right after that. but it's quite sad that you know something that's so sad. and i could'nt even meet syiqin. i miss her like a lot. not even her, but also the others. haih sedih sangat. and yet another sad thing is most of the photos i'd captured this morning was suddenly lost . i don't know where are they hiding at. i mean macam, tiba-tiba hilang. banyak pulak tu. to my dormmates, sorry sangat. gambar kita semua balqis tak dapat nak selamatkan. sorry ye. :')

for those yang berjaya dapatkan apa yang dihajati tu, praise to Allah. Dia lah yang banyak membantu kita semasa kita susah dan senang. rezeki dan tuah tu berada di mana-mana sahaja. asalkan usaha yang berterusan. sebab, setiap rezeki tu dibawah usaha masing-masing. 

for those yang rasa sedih tu, jangan putus asa, this is not the end of our journey . and this is not how we want to end it. mintalah pada Dia . mintalah. kerana satu-satunya yang tidak akan mengecewakan hati kita ialah Dia yang mencipta hati kita. #Allah.

kepad guru-guru , saya sangat-sangat sayangkan anda semua. saya sempat jumpa guru BM , BI , MATHS , KIMIA , LUKISAN , ADDMATH . and dapat tips-tips yang menyemarakkan semangat untuk move forwards. selama ini, saya memang bodoh la sebab selalu tidur masa cikgu mengajar. i'm so sorry, dear teachers. segala titik peluh, susah payah cikgu selama ni, saya harap agar ini sedikit sebanyak melegakan gundah gulana hati cikgu semua. last but not least, I LOVE YOU :)

my sister edit-kan.