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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

224 : too young too dumb to realize.

Assalamualaikum ya akhi wa ukhti.
Alhamdulillah, i'm in a good shape like always. jazakallahu khairun khatira for those people who are non-stop praying the best for me.thank you ibu ayah , dear siblings and friends. :)

now i can smile more often. i mean i felt much better. i could grasp the air with this kind of good feeling. no more burden in my mind. everything was just as fine as i want it to be. because now, i never want to think about him and that was like awesome. okey stop with this nonsense.

i am this kind of people whom just adore all the people around me. i like to think positively about them and always want to. the thing is, i never thought that the same thing would eventually happened to me. not trying to feel proud, but umm just wondering i guess.

have you ever wonder that someone would really adore you . i mean like very adore you. well this was happened for the past 2 years when i was in my technical school till today. it was started when the ustaz called out my name in front of the classroom and told that someone from the other class likes me. it was totally crap. i am just really not interested in these shit things, not even want to know. even when he had the guts to talk to me, i just smile. there's nothing to do. for me, biasa-biasa sudah la. tak perlu la sampai nak minat ke apa. that was my thought at that age, but i guess now it changed. after one year passed, another one year to go. and it was the phase where i struggled with SPM. long time , no news and i simply acted like always. masa tu betul-betul nak dekat exam and we had this restu ilmu. seeked for forgiveness and forgive the others. so, yang pasti mestilah ada sesi meluahkan perasaan. my friend told me that he was crying and was so speechless. he started with asking for forgiveness and so on, then he suddenly mentioned my name. Ya Allah, masa tu aku rasa sangat bersalah. actually, aku ni bukanlah seorang yang otak geliga. tapi yang pasti, kalau kita nak sesuatu tu kita mesti berusaha sehabis baik untuk dapatkannya . so basically, itulah yang aku buat. mungkin dia nampak kot usaha aku, entahla. tapi bila dia cakap he was so adore with my determination, and was so jealous. aku hanya mampu mendengar dan termenung.
then we met on the day the announcement of SPM result. but we didnt have the chance to talk. and rasanya dah banyak kali dia cakap tahniah masa chat. when he mentioned that he wants to be in aircraft manufacture, aku rasa lebih semangat. :) i know you will not read this. but if you do, i just want to tell you, you gain my respect. look at your result, that was the biggest proof to tell everyone that you have this high determination. very high. best of luck to you. thank you for everything. :)

aku sangat kagum melihat orang-orang yang berjaya dalam hidup