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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Part 1 in CFSIIUM .

Assalamualaikum people. :D
Subhanallah. it has been ages since the last time i updating my last post. hihi. right now, I'm enjoying my " less-than-one-month-vacation " or so called semester break. hihi. so, my first sem has ended gloriously, but i can never expected the outcome of my final exam. hope it wouldn't be so terrible. well, there's story behind it.

with lovely roommates.
my journey started when i was selected as student under programme Architecture & Environmental Design. and the first 3 person that i get to be closed to, are my roommates whom are Izzah Aziz, Aisyah Ade and Afiqah Razali. Triplets of them are genius and so generous. and I'm so grateful that I have them. :)

in UIA, the first week being there called as "taaruf week" , which same goes to 
"minggu haluan siswi" in UITM , if I'm not mistaken. :P and unpredictably, i enjoyed it so much. why? because most of the time, they gave us space to rest and relax. and the peak of excitement was during the night.... oh, i cant remember that night.which indicate the end of the taaruf week, i felt welcome. 

A day after we registered in CFSIIUM, there was an Arabic Placement Test (APT) and English Placement Test (EPT) that we have to sit for. Which is important to determine which level we are in, and how many years we’ll be studying there. And Alhamdulillah, with the barakah from Allah guidance, and effort from myself, family and friends, I managed to be there for 1 year instead of 2 years. But that doesn’t guarantee anything, IF I fail any of the subjects I taken, then it will be extended to 2 years. Allah, I just been here for 1 sem, and had to tackle with lots of problems and subjects and everything. And yet, we have to sit for tilawah and fardhu ain test. I took fardu ain class instead of study circle and tilawah class.

The subjects I took :
Graphic Communication
Basic Themes of Al-Quran
Al-Ilm Al-Fard Al-Ayni
Mathematics for Built Environment
Introduction to Built Environment
Economics for Built Environment
Arabic class

finally after our last paper.

less students is better during presentation.

eating, always be the best way to release stress.

my econs lecturer, Bro Hisham

Fardu Ain lecture, Ust. Herna.

during our visit to Malacca.

and still in Malacca

Mathematics class with Mdm. Maisarah

still in Malacca

the only senior in my Arabic class.

beloved friends in Arabic class.

with Roihan Jehtae, in Malacca.

Fardu Ain class
Fardu Ain class

the best I met, Wani, in Fardu Ain class
late night in studio
can never forget this one. thanks for the surprise! :)

friendly friends , the same floor as mine. :)

some of my studio mates.
beloved .

GC class. Mdm Normadiah.

Nosha and Syasya , the precious one!

moment with PERKIM members :)

AGM for IDEA :)
berkepitt :)

nosya, a girl from JB, friends from twitter :)
pray the best for me. Inshaallah. Amin :)